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As the promotional programme of ‘74’ unfolds, the need for active involvement of the public becomes more and more intense. No one can be spared. Regardless of gender, age or occupation, we invite the Hellenic Diaspora to join forces to make the film’s worldwide release a historic occasion for Cyprus. There is a place for all. We have created different teams throughout various countries where everyone can utilise and multiply their skills and interests, and at the same time, create international awareness of the film.


  • We will reciprocate and reward our active volunteers, which will contribute to the film’s promotion.

  • All volunteers will receive the Commemorative ‘74’ Certificate, which will confirm their participation.

  • Volunteers that offer their services to promotional events will be entitled to free entrance or free tickets, according to availability.

  • Volunteers will receive Paul Lambis’ Limited Edition ‘74’ Hardcover.

If you wish to take part, offering your time and skills, thus contributing to our unique project, contact the Volunteers’ Coordinator at, or at (00357) 96 23 99 85.

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